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Charles' love of music began at a very young age. Born in Monroe, LA and raised in Shreveport, he sang in the Lakeshore Baptist Church choir. At Ouachita Parish High School he enjoyed football and singing in the choir, often performing solos in class and on the bus trip to games.In 1972 he graduated from LSU with a degree in forestry and Charles Carter Consulting Forester, Inc. was a respected timber management company for 35 years. His beautiful daughter, Ashley, was born in 1973 and has always been an inspiration to Charles. Charles has always enjoyed telling stories and cracking jokes. His first joke was published in a 1989 edition of Reader’s Digest. His comedic skills flourished as he wrote and sold thousands of jokes to people like Rodney Dangerfield, Joan Rivers, Phyllis Diller and The Tonight Show. He sold political jokes to Paul Harvey and has appeared in several Toastmasters’ publications.
In 2007, when the timber mills in LA closed down, Charles went back to doing what he did from 1972-80 for the Air Force Reserves...driving hazmat tankers. In 2010, Charles met Elise on Without a musical bone in her body, Elise encouraged his creative efforts through their courtship. During those years of solitude crisscrossing the country hundreds of times, the jokes morphed into poems which transitioned into the hooklines that Charles uses to build his songs. In just three years Charles has written 350+ songs. Wanting to share his passion with his daughter, Charles gave Ashley a home recorded CD of his song, Blue Collar Man, Elise’s first of many favorite songs. In return, as a Father’s Day gift Ashley gave Charles a CD she had professionally produced of Blue Collar Man in the same style as originally conceived (by a well-known writer and performer who must remain nameless) of the same.
And a star began to shine for Charles and Elise. Together they made a commitment to their Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, to share life as a married couple and they were wed on the Mississippi River at the Andrew Jackson monument in front of St. Louis’ Cathedral at 12:12PM on 12/12/12. In 2015, Charles retired from driving and took a part-time job as a dental lab courier to fund his music career. They formed Generations of Genetta, LLC dba Carter Tunes. They joined the Dallas Songwriter’s Association (͞DSA͟) and the music flourished. Their first studio recordings were produced by Dallas Audio under the artful direction of Randy Wills, the talented grandson of Bob Wills.. [ link to songs?] Through the DSA, Carter Tunes formed a dynamic team with Joe Milton [link to Joe ?] of JoMusik. Many of the songs are sung from a female perspective and CarterTunes has been fortunate to have several talented young women perform their songs. Meet Lorili [photo] performing Dallas [link]. Ireland

Charles is a talented and prolific songwriter, comedy writer, performer and karaoke host...

Elise is his muse. Charles fashions her as the goddess, Calliope.

Singer. Songwriter. Comedian.
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